Olmeca Tequila

Olmeca Tequila is always the first to celebrate, just like the Olmecs were the first major civilization in the Mexican landscape, using their collective force to come closer to the divine. Olmeca Blanco rules the night with a shot friendly flavor that rings through the ages. Olmeca Reposado – Aged in ex bourbon casks for at least 5 months, it bring energy to every night that dares to claim itself golden. Olmeca Dark Chocolate – Dark creamy chocolate and the freshness of the agave are sure to get things started. Olmeca Tequila is available at Solly Kramer’s Parkhurst. No need to stand in the rush hour queues. Buy tequila online at our online store. Or visit us: Corner of 4th Avenue & 6th Street Parkhurst Email: info@sollykramersparkhurst.co.za | Call: 011 788 0102 | 011 442 5970 Open: 9am-5pm |SHOP ONLINE FREE DELIVERY: www.sollykramersparkhurst.co.za

Solly Kramer’s Parkhurst is one of the biggest distributors in South Africa and have a wide range of the most unique and popular tequila. We will do our utmost to source any product that you require.